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34 The $1,000,000 Fumble
It assured Green Bay's Western title and launched the Packers toward unprecedented postseason loot

40 Two Were Twice as Good
A pair of high rollers gave it a try, but Nicklaus and Palmer proved unbeatable in golf's richest tournament

42 The Biggest Bruin Had Friends
UCLA's Lew Alcindor was as good as his notices. So were his teammates, as Duke learned to its sorrow

46 Sportsman of the Year
Five men excelled in 1966, undone of them—the youngest—stood above the rest

Sport in Emerging Africa

56 An era of awakening to the world of athletics
58 A first look at sport in Africa: 20 pages of photographs
78 A coach who has made record holders of Kenya tribesmen

88 Never to Be the Same
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S 1966 Silver Anniversary All-America Awards go to 26 who played on the eve of war

98 Mr. Goren's Holiday Quiz
To counteract a trend toward boldness, the master of the game tests your ability to play it safe

104 A Poet Against the Destroyers
Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Russia's most celebrated literary figure, writes a memorable essay on sport and sportsmen

The departments

25 Scorecard
86 Sporting Look
98 Bridge
131 For the Record
132 Basketball's Week
134 19th Hole

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