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8 Sarge Takes Philly to the Top
Pro basketball's strong-minded Alex Hannum has pushed his team to the best record in NBA history

14 Underdogs with Great Big Ideas
Tuning up for the AFL championship game with favored Kansas City, the Buffalo Bills are thinking upset

18 Asia: Beneath the Rising Sun
The Japanese swamped all the others in the Asian Games, but weren't the only headline grabbers in colorful Bangkok

20 Down to the Sea in Gadgets
Like toys on a Christmas tree, electronic aids beckon boatmen at the boat shows

26 The Bowl Games and the Season
Scouting reports on college football's last major games and a review of the year that henceforth shall be called "Ara's"

36 A Garden for Tomorrow
A giant drum is being erected above the wreckage of old Penn Station to provide a new sports arena for New York

44 Poison Ivy in the Ivy League
Cornell's hockey coach is a misfit in a button-down collar, but he wins games

48 A Long Reign as King of the Apes
The role of Tarzan has pro vided work for ex-athletes for nearly 50 years, from silent screen to television

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5 Scorecard
36 Design for Sport
41 People
42 College Basketball
44 Hockey
47 Golf
56 For the Record
57 Basketball's Week
58 19th Hole

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