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The Pro Championships

8 Green Bay outscores Dallas in an NFL thriller

14 Kansas City overpowers Buffalo to win the AFL

18 Wimpy Was a Sleeping Beauty
The world pool championship was on the line, so Luther Lassiter decided it was a good time to take a nap

20 Best and Worst of the Bowls
In a heretical roundup, the heroes and goats of the college holiday games and, for posterity, the all-bowl team

22 A Win over Northern Cookin'
Louisville's coach found some beans and corn bread in Philadelphia and won the Quaker City tournament

28 Big Action in a Phone Booth
Illegal bookmakers in this country carry on a booming business, and much of it is done in your corner drugstore

34 A Treasure of a Links
The most talked-about new golf course in America is Spyglass Hill, which the touring pros will test this month

42 Life as a Nearsighted Fish
A myopic wife joins her husband as he snorkels, and finds her faulty vision adds a new dimension to the sport

56 A Tribe of Runners
The Tarahumare Indians of Mexico's barranca country will race for days at the drop of a kickball

The departments

5 Scorecard
49 People
50 Tennis
52 Winter Sports
55 Bridge
68 Basketball's Week
70 For the Record
71 19th Hole

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Next week

Super Bowl preview by Tex Maule details the moods and merits of Green Bay and Kansas City. An expert analysis of the first confrontation of the NFL and AFL champions.

Girls in the sun wear the new swimsuits, which are cut away to a minimum or pasted on. Jay Maisel photographs them in Arizona, and Liz Smith writes about resort life there.

Jack Kent Cooke, owner of three Los Angeles pro teams, hopes someday to have so many that one will always be in action. Bob Ottum describes this sporting tycoon.