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16 Terror in the Air
Fear of Lew Alcindor was the dominant theme of the NCAA basketball championships in Louisville

22 A Little Tiger Takes the Cup
Nancy Greene won all the races at Jackson Hole, beating favored Marielle Goitschel for skiing's World Cup

24 Stanford's Big New Splash
Gregory Buckingham stroked to the top of American swimming in the NCAA championships

26 Detroit's Refrain Is Mayo and Sain
The Tigers, after a bewildering season, expect their new manager and his pitching coach to set things right

28 After Muhammad, a Graveyard
The heavyweight champion's most interesting fight might also be his last for awhile as the draft catches up with him

30 Feuds with Officials and the Press
In Part 2 of a series, Bill Hartack gives his side of the battles that have made so many headlines

43 Deadeye Dude of the North
Newest hero of the Montreal Canadiens is Yvan Cournoyer, a sharp dresser and phenomenal goal scorer

48 Gleam of Gold, Shine of Silver
The ever popular blazer jacket now conies in all sorts of cuts and fabrics and is being adorned with fancy buttons

58 No Park To Go Barefoot In
The Ten Thousand Islands are alive with fish, snakes, alligators, wild birds—and some pretty wild people

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9 Scorecard
46 People
48 Sporting Look
50 Wrestling
54 Horse Racing
56 Bridge
75 For the Record
76 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Neil Leifer

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Next week

The great debate—field-goal version—is settled as SPORTS ILLUSTRATED pits U.S. pro kickers against champion Rugby and soccer players on their English home grounds.

As masters week begins, Alfred Wright tells of the foreigners who add prestige and Dan Jenkins chronicles the wondrous worries of CBS, which shows all in living color.

The big battle for world sports car supremacy rolls on to Sebring, Fla., with Fords and Chaparrals the headliners in a 12-hour test of speed and endurance. Bob Ottum reports.