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30 Champ in the Jug?
Muhammad Ali seemed to be moving toward jail even as Herbert Muhammad struggled with his image

34 Ford Races to a Big Showdown
Winning impressively at Sebring with a new racer, the U.S. firm eyes a shoot-out with Ferrari at Le Mans

36 Sore Arms and No Cigarettes
Baltimore's pitchers hurt, and their manager has quit smoking. But, oddly, things don't look bad at all

38 Spiking the Side-kick Issue
Who kicks field goals better? To find out, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED pitted England's best against U.S. pros

44 The World Comes to Augusta
One-fourth of the Masters field are foreigners, whose presence adds color, prestige and talent to the event

58 The Days of the Roses
Bill Hartack analyzes his four Derby victories and tells how he developed his distinctive riding style

90 An Eye on the Masters
In this case the eye belongs to CBS, which matches the golfers crisis for crisis as it televises at Augusta

The departments

24 Scorccard
70 People
74 Bridge
77 Boxing
80 Hockey
83 Horse Racing
86 Bowling
113 For the Record
114 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

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Next week

Baseball 1967 gets under way and with it our annual appraisal of the 20 big-league clubs. Plus color photographs of top players who have switched teams since last year

Its tee-off time at Augusta National, where the world's best golfers will once again attempt to shake the grip on the Masters that Jack Nicklaus has established for himself.

The classic clash of power vs. finesse and the personal Chamberlain-Russell duel highlight pro basketball's playoffs between Boston and Philly for the eastern title.