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22 A Roar for Roger
The Cardinals got off to a hot start as St. Louis fans found a new hero in a hustling Roger Maris

28 The Fans Get the Booby Prize
The basketball was excellent, but the behavior of spectators nearly spoiled the NBA playoffs

32 Winning One for the Rocket
A combination of men and mystique lifted Montreal past New York into the Stanley Cup finals

36 A New Look at Augusta
Some reasons, concerning both the golfers and the course, why the Masters was different this year

42 But Who Was on Third?
The cult of camp extends into sport, where the searcher for meaningful trivia has a field day

52 Crab Cakes and Tall Timber
The race lasts only a few minutes, but the parties surrounding the Maryland Hunt go on for 48 hours

80 No Weeds on the Front Lawn
An increasing number of people are living on water in everything from expensive yachts to old scows

The departments

11 Scorecard
60 People
62 Bridge
65 Badminton
68 Soccer
74 Horse Racing
103 Baseball's Week
104 For the Record
106 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

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Next week

Derby prospects get another review as Dr. Fager's fine stablemate, Brunch, takes on Damascus and possibly Reflected Glory in the mile-and-an-eighth Wood Memorial.

Jim Hall is the Texan who dares to challenge Ford and Ferrari for the world sports car championship with his winged Chaparral. Coles Phinizy describes builder and bird.

A carefree expedition in the Himalayas by three college students takes a grim turn when they decide to make an assault on a treacherous peak above Tesi Lapcha pass.