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Yuji Moriya, a junior at San Jose (Calif.) State, led his team to its sixth consecutive title at the National Collegiate Judo Championships, in San Jose, defeating 205-pound Divisional Winner Ralph Pesce of Loyola (Chicago) to become the Grand Champion.

Jerzy Pawlowski, a Polish army major who is top-ranked in world fencing, won the Martini & Rossi Saber Trophy at an international meet in New York City when he scored the winning touch in a fence-off with 1964 Hungarian Olympic Champion Tibor Pezsa.

Barbara Britch, 15, a Nordic skier from Anchorage, Alaska, compiled the nation's fastest times for her class as she won all but one of her races this season and became the state's first U.S. titlist by taking the junior ladies' championship in Duluth.

Leroy Goldstein, a dragster from Chula Vista, Calif., took top honors in the AA fuel eliminator class at the National Hot Rod Association Spring National in Odessa, Texas by covering the quarter-mile strip in 7.23 to defeat David Beebee, also of California.

Winfield Chace, a Senior Citizen's League bowler from Manchester, Conn. who took up the sport only six years ago and rolls three games a week (his average is 98 and best game 147), was honored on his 97th birthday as the oldest active league bowler in the U.S.

Richard Trichter, a North Carolina State sprinter who has broken four school marks this season, set another record (in the broad jump) at a meet with South Carolina, as he won five of his six events and led his team to its first win over the Gamecocks since 1955.