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14 Yoweee Chicago!
It was the world turned upside down, with the Cubs, of all people, joining the White Sox up there in first place

18 The Once and Future King?
While Sonny Liston waits to challenge the winner, eight fighters enter a tournament for Ali's title

22 A Rewarding Race in Detroit
Hydros—flying high of late—were relatively tame in the World's Championship Race on the Detroit River

24 "But Papa, I Played Like a Clod"
France's Catherine Lacoste, upsetting the odds and the pros, is the first amateur to win the U.S. Women's Open

26 Life in the Old Girl Yet
The aging Columbia went west for a face-lifting and now returns for another try at the America's Cup

30 Stadiums of the '60s
Eight new stadiums have been built for major league baseball since 1960. A color portfolio

39 Scourge of the Seven Seas
With dedication and determination, women are out to land all the men's big-game fishing records

56 Life with the Jax Pack
The swinging story of Jack Hanson, an ex-minor-leaguer who has made it big designing women's sport clothes

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7 Scorecard
44 Rowing
46 Golf
48 Boxing
52 Pool
65 Baseball's Week
66 For the Record
67 19th Hole

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Next week

It's better to scramble than lose, says Fran Tarkenton, New York's unorthodox pro quarterback, as he begins the story of his career with an analysis of football's new mobility.

Life is a party for Gaston Roelants of Belgium, a fast-living 30-year-old who drives madly, hates to go to bed and still manages to be the fastest steeplechaser in all the world.

The world's best amateur tennis is played every year at historic Wimbledon. An on-the-scene report from London on the tournament and its winners by Frank Deford.