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16 The Best One Yet
It was even better than the mile, said Jim Ryun after he broke the 1,500-meter mark by more than two seconds

22 Some Beer for Newk, a Waltz for Billie
Australia's John Newcombe won the men's Wimbledon title, while Billie Jean King of the U.S. scored a clean sweep

26 The Birds Fall Down
The Baltimore Orioles, World Champions in 1966, are finding out that 1967 is an entirely different year

36 Fleming with a Flair
Gaston Roelants is a fast-living Belgian who hates to leave a party, yet he is the world's best steeplechaser

44 The Golden Shmoo
Musk oxen, once nearly exterminated by man, are now being selectively bred to supply a new Eskimo industry

48 Paper Capers
Throwaway paper tennis outfits, swimsuits and beach dresses are part and parcel of a new kind of body packaging

74 Better to Scramble Than Lose
Fran Tarkenton, pro football's most unorthodox quarterback, begins the story of his career

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11 Scorecard
48 Sporting Look
54 People
56 Golf
61 Baseball
68 Harness Racing
83 Baseball's Week
84 For the Record
85 19th Hole

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Next week

Fran Tarkenton's struggles as a rookie with the new Vikings—the brain-crushing puzzles of complex defenses and the pain of the pass rush—are told in Part 2 of his story.

Who is Numero Uno? This question, asked each season by U.S. bullfight fans, is answered by John McCormick in an authoritative evaluation of the corrida, its toreros and toros.

Hawaii is invaded by 20000 kids from the mainland—surfers, beachies, bleachies and blasters—in a massive summer-in protest against anything but having a good time.