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Debbie Heald, an 11-year-old distance runner for the Hutchinson Track Club of La Mirada, Calif., raced eight 12- and 13-year-old girls at a mile in Lancaster, Calif. The freckle-faced sixth-grader won by 200 yards in 5:33.9—a national best for her age.

Heizaburo Okawa, 27, the 1964 Japanese foil champion, now representing the Los Angeles Fencing Academy, defeated one of America's top fencers, Albert Axelrod of New York City, for the U.S. men's foil title at the national championships in Santa Monica, Calif.

Gary Miller, a 10-year-old second baseman for the West Akron (Ohio) Cubs, completed an unassisted triple play. With runners on second and third he fielded a line drive, stepped on second, then raced to third before the remaining runner could tag up.

Betty Fehl, 45, former Pennsylvania women's amateur golf champion, who competes in few tournaments a year, won the state's Central Championship for the 11th time. She required only 61 holes to defeat four opponents but claimed, "Winning gets tougher every year."

Doug Russell, 21, a member of the Arlington (Texas) Burford Swim Club, became the first Texan to break one minute in the 100-meter butterfly (with a time of 58.8) as he led his team to its second straight Southwestern AAU men's division championship in Austin.

Elvin Mesger, 51, head of a shipping department in St. Louis and holder of the American Bowling Congress record for 800-or-better series (15), scored his 13th, 14th and 15th perfect games in one day—a first for the ABC—then rolled four more 300s in three weeks.