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12 They All Love a Latin
With the galleries cheering him on and his putter cheering him up, Roberto de Vicenzo wins the British Open

16 Happy Return of the Native
California's own Native Diver became a millionaire by winning the Hollywood Gold Cup for the third time

18 Cha Cha Goes Boom, Boom, Boom!
Thanks to the hitting of a healthy, happy Orlando Cepeda, the St. Louis Cardinals are leading the league

22 A Pro Rookie's Ups and Downs
Fran Tarkenton, continuing the story of his career, describes a scrambled first season

28 The Time to Go to Cooperstown
For the baseball fan, the Hall of Fame is a delight at any time, but it is best when new members are inducted

34 Ten Toreros in Need of a Bull
Some superb bullfighters perform in Spain today, but the art suffers from a lack of the basic animal

48 The Summer Surfers Invade Hawaii
Beachies, bleachies and blasters from the mainland—20,000 of them—make Waikiki the place to be In

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9 Scorecard
40 People
42 Baseball
44 Tennis
46 Bridge
57 Baseball's Week
58 For the Record
59 19th Hole

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Next week

The illegal spitball is still one of the most popular pitches in the major leagues. A revealing story on how it all began, who throws it today and what they do to get away with it.

The Quarterback's art is mastered by Fran Tarkenton, but the ingredients of a championship elude him while he is at Minnesota. Part 3 of his continuing story (with Jack Olsen).

Adventurous Texan William Negley, who 10 years ago won a $10,000 bet by killing an elephant with bow and arrow, returns to Africa to try for rhino, leopard, buffalo and lion.