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12 The AFL Has a Taste of Glory
Kansas City humbled Chicago, Buffalo and Houston played well and pro football's two big leagues were almost one

16 A Hopeful Time for All
A big horse-racing week at the world's most famous resorts is highlighted by a fast young colt at Saratoga

22 Out in Front in Fun and Games
The high-spirited St. Louis Cardinals are running away with the National League pennant

28 To No One's Surprise: "Intrepid"
There was never much doubt as to who would defend the America's Cup this time, but at last it was official

30 He's Old Hat to Australians
John Newcombe has been a world-tour tennis player for seven years, but now at 23 he is making his big move

34 Striped Bass in a Canvas Chronicle
An artist who is also a spearfisherman pictures the underwater colors of a favorite fish of saltwater anglers

40 Lock the Doors!
UCLA Coach Tommy Prothro is accused of being tricky—and admits it. He also is one of football's best coaches

58 The Hustle of Texas Billy
He can't see too well and he looks like a sucker, but Billy Mays knows a dozen ways to beat you.
By Gilbert Rogin

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69 Baseball's Week
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71 19th Hole

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Next week

College football 1967 gets under way with a new emphasis on the fight for No. 1. For the first time our football staff picks the Top 20 teams and provides an extensive scouting report on each. Dan Jenkins writes of the mystique of national rankings, explores how the football polls began and tells why coaches are paying more and more attention to them. Robert Cantwell probes the strange relationship between Ohio State and Columbus. Nine pages of color photographs show national championship contenders in action, an assessment of the major conference races suggests the fates of both haves and have-nots, the best small-college teams are picked and pro scouts offer their choices of the players to watch in '67. Plus, of course, a full budget of regular features and news.