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20 American League Frenzy
Four teams continued to tumble up and down in the standings as the pennant race roared into September

26 K.D. Figures out the Formula
After losing twice with favorites, Texan K. D. Owen discovered how to win trotting's Hambletonian

College Football 1967

28 Coaches confess it: the No. 1 thing is being No. 1
34 Contenders and their stars, photographed in colorful action
44 The Top 20, and why they are better than all the rest
74 Conference races, and who will win if the big ones don't
78 Five small colleges, and what makes them really giants
82 Flayers scouts will watch—which means fans should, too

86 The Man Who Sails the "Dame"
Australia's Jock Sturrock will have no kibitzers this year when he challenges for the America's Cup

92 Nobody Beats the Brakettes
The best women's softball team in the land breezed to a successful defense of its national championship

98 Say It Isn't So, Woody
Ohio State, the famous football factory of Thurber's day, has had a stunning change of heart

The departments

13 Scorecard
84 People
86 Boating
91 Golf
92 Softball
94 Golf
96 Bridge
121 Baseball's Week
122 For the Record
123 19th Hole

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Next week

THE NEW PRO SEASON: The AFL is underway, the NFL begins next Sunday and the two football leagues are not what they were. Sliced into four divisions, the NFL could come up with a new champion (but the Packers are favored). Kansas City is best in the AFL West (if it does not falter against strong teams grown stronger). Scouting reports on all the major teams, action color shots of the stars of both leagues, appraisals by Tex Maule and Edwin Shrake and, for the less serious-minded, a gruesome account of touch football as only frustrated pros can play it supplement the usual mix of other sports in the week's news.