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Julio Kaplan, a 17-year-old redhead from San Juan, P.R., entered the World Junior Chess Championship in Jerusalem as the tournament underdog and became the winner after taking five straight games in the finals, defeating Britain's Raymond Keene 6½-5½.

Jacque Fladoos, 19, named Iowa's "best and most beautiful golfer," won her second state women's championship, in Cedar Rapids, marking the fifth time in eight years that either she or her sister Sharon, 24, an elementary schoolteacher, has taken the title.

Terry Ryan, 37, a salesman from San Diego who has been sailing in local competition for the past five years, won his first national title when he skippered his boat, Snake Pit, to the International-110 Class YRA National championship in San Diego.

Bill Tipton, a Pontiac, Mich. speedster, led his state to the national title at the Jaycee track and field championship in Des Moines when he broke meet records in the 120 high hurdles and the 180 lows—both set by former Alabama star, Richmond Flowers Jr.

Jim Snow, 13, led his Manchester, Mass. Little League team, the Tigers, to an undefeated season as he compiled a 10-0 record (allowing 21 runs and 17 walks), threw three shutouts and batted .467, while his brother I John, 12, was 6-0 for the season and hit .542.

Tom Johnson, a retired Navy officer from Kernville, Calif., became National Wild-Water Kayak Champion after beating Walter Harvest, the Pacific Division Slalom titlist, by 20 seconds over the six-mile course on the Feather River in California.