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Bruce Gangnath, a 14-year-old pitcher from Bloomfield Hills, Mich., played on three teams and compiled an 18-0 won-loss record, while batting .521. He then won three of five All-Star games and received the Anderson Trophy for outstanding sportsmanship.

Rob Buck, an 18-year-old pilot from Pipersville, Pa. who received his glider license one month ago, became the second youngest ever to earn a diamond badge when he soared a 314-mile straight-distance course, a 224-mile triangular pattern and a 37,000' altitude flight.

Terry Diehl, 17, a two-time New York State Junior Golf winner and this year's Rochester (N.Y.) title-holder, became the new Champion of Junior Golf Champions when he defeated home-towner Bill Brown by one stroke at the tournament in Bethesda, Md.

Sue Boyle, 12, of Portland, Ore., completed a 19-day tour of the three major USLTA tennis tournaments in the Pacific Northwest and won eight of nine titles. She swept six singles events, took two doubles titles and placed second in one other doubles event.

Jay Puckett, 11, a swimmer from Savannah, Mo., stretched his three-year victory streak to 16 by taking the Northwest Missouri Association breaststroke title in Savannah. Jay earlier won his fourth straight 14-and-under one- and three-meter diving competition.

Dan Haaby, California's three-time state motorcycle champion and winner of 26 races so far this year, rode to his first national title at the eight-mile championship in Gardena, Calif. with a four-second victory over Sammy Tanner, 1959, 1964, 1965 and 1966 titlist.