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14 It's Johnny U. Again
Johnny Unitas, brilliant despite intense pain in his throwing arm, passed and ran the Colts to their second win

18 The Cardinals Against—Who?
One of the four American League pennant contenders has to play St. Louis sometime, maybe even next week

22 A Man in Motion Beats Texas
All week long USC Coach John McKay plotted his moves, and on Saturday his team made them against Texas

40 Partridge in Don Quixote Country
Franklin McMahon portrays a driven shoot for redlegs in the lush vineyards and olive groves of La Mancha

46 Great Scott! Gene Won Another One
Lawyer Gene Scott, a weekend tennis player, relates the events that took him to the semifinals at Forest Hills

70 A Fast New Zealand Buck
Kiwis Denis Hulme and Bruce McLaren continued their winning ways in the rich Can-Am sports car series

74 Agent 26250, Where Are You?
Writer Myron Cope becomes a Pinkerton guard at the Memphis Open to catch the spirit of the detective agency

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11 Scorecard
54 College Football
62 People
64 Harness Racing
70 Motor Sports
87 Baseball's Week
88 For the Record
89 19th Hole

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Next week

The psychedelic drama of baseball, as the extraordinary pennant race finally ends and the Series begins, is portrayed in a colorful photo essay by John G. Zimmerman.

High-riding rams, still unbeaten, come to Dallas to test their newfound strength against the championship-conscious Cowboys. Tex Maule covers the California invasion.

The first franchise for a major league team in the U.S. Northwest, the Seattle Super-Sonics of pro basketball, is a big hit in town so far, but the season hasn't opened yet.