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22 El Birdos Fly High
The St. Louis Cardinals, led by Bob Gibson and Lou Brock, took an imposing grip on the World Series

30 'Don't Die Now, Baby'
In a rugged motorcycle endurance run in upstate New York, many started but few finished

32 Mod Golf Strikes at St. Andrews
The Old Course gets an overhaul, for better or worse, and "The Golfer of the Year" gets $55,000

34 The Plays Go for the New Joe
Even when his passes were missing, a grown-up Joe Namath was able to move the Jets to a significant win over Oakland

40 You've Got to Have Some 'O'
Houston's dazzling Warren McVea is the ultimate in offense, and when he hurts, so do the Cougars

50 Shooting Pool with Wimpy
World Champion Luther Lassiter performs for the color camera and offers cues on improving your game

72 A Filly Takes the Futurity
Her temper contained for a change, Speed Model trotted away from the colts at Lexington

80 In Search of Cantharellus cibarius
That's a wild mushroom, and hunting it—and some other edible species—is a fast-reviving sport

88 The Shark of Araby
Rudi the Nazi, Mustapha and Mr. Sabreez combine with Neckerman's Tours to make a fisherman's nightmare

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11 Scorecard
61 College Football
69 People
70 Marathon
72 Harness Racing
74 Bridge
80 Food
84 Horse Racing
109 For the Record
110 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.















Next week

Pro Basketball offers two new teams in the NBA and a whole new league, the ABA. Scouting reports cover both, plus a color essay and a special look at resurgent New York.

STOP UNITAS? The Rams, who have slipped a game behind, have to if they are to keep alive in pro football's roughest division, the Coastal. Tex Maule reports from Baltimore.

Izard hunting is just one of many activities Jack Olsen was not allowed to try when he visited Andorra, a principality whose biggest game is letting you spend your own money.