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18 A Pair Fit To Be Tied
So equal were the NFL's Colts and Rams that neither got the edge on the other. But in a rematch....

22 Nightmare in Carolina
Ford's dream of a big stock-car victory at Charlotte was shattered by an unexpected villain

24 Orange Juice Won a Poll Bowl
The No. 1 team was at South Bend, but it wasn't Notre Dame after USC's O. J. Simpson scored three touchdowns

Pro Basketball Preview

28 New York gets a top team at last
32 The pros on the road: an appreciation
37 Scouting Reports on all NBA teams
46 The new league plays a game called survival

61 Aftermath of a Bittersweet World Series
The 1967 Series leaves echoes of superb performances and a rare mutual antipathy

70 Off Season for Izards
Expecting a hunting and fishing bonanza, Jack Olsen went to Andorra and found everything closed except shopping

The departments

12 Scorecard
48 College Football
56 People
58 Golf
61 Baseball
64 Golf
66 Boxing
89 For the Record
90 19th Hole

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Next week

Alabama and Tennessee, teams that have dueled furiously for the past two years, meet with their national prestige and the leadership of the Southeastern Conference at stake.

Manana is now in Mexico City, caught in the throes of dress rehearsal. Bob Ottum records the wet-paint urgency and some surprising performances at the trial Olympics.

Grizzly bears in Glacier Park killed two girls one day last August. Emmett Watson examines the tragedy and its possible causes and warns that it could happen again.