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12 One Way to Dam the Tide
A third-string quarterback with first-string ways leads Tennessee to an upset victory over Alabama

18 Earl, Earl, Earl the Pearl
The chant that followed rookie Monroe through his college basketball career is now heard in Baltimore

20 Bully Buildup in Old Mexico
The pace quickened as pre-Olympians cavorted, workmen sped to catch up and aficionados ogled the girls

24 A Rumor Scotched, a Starr Revived
Green Bay and Bart Starr were through, the whispers hinted, but on Sunday that pipedream died

26 The Cup Runneth and Runneth
As Artist Marc Simont was quick to see, there's a lot more to America's Cup racing than just two boats

34 Top Man on the Laugh Tour
Paul Hahn has never won a Masters or a U.S. Open, but his annual golf earnings are in the Nicklaus bracket

53 Crowned King of the Road
In Mexico, Grand Prix racing gets a new hero who wonders what the shouting is about

62 Menace in Our Northern Parks
One night last August two girls camped 10 miles apart were killed by grizzlies. Moreover, it could happen again

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7 Scorecard
44 College Football
50 People
53 Motor Sports
56 Golf
61 Bridge
77 For the Record
78 19th Hole

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