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18 The Wrong American
Damascus was supposed to win the International, but he couldn't get past a horse who almost wasn't Invited

22 Just Too Sophisticated to Win
The San Francisco 49ers, who should be one of pro football's most successful teams, continue to lose the close ones

24 A Very Good Start for Egypt
It may have been a routine World Cup for Palmer and Nicklaus, but it wasn't for two Egyptians

26 The All-Blacks Attain the Zenith
Armed with a Maori battle hymn, New Zealand's national Rugby team outplayed and outsang the boisterous Welsh

32 The Great One Confronts O. J.
Los Angeles braces itself for the epic conflict between USC and UCLA, which share a city but are poles apart

54 A Hunt in the North Kaibab
Autumn is the hunter's time in Grand Canyon country. The tourists have all left and deer are plentiful

74 C. B. DeMille of the Pros
Ed Sabol of NFL Films and his crew shoot Sunday's games, from which they select top plays for viewing on TV

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13 Scorecard
44 College Football
58 People
60 Golf
63 Hockey
66 Horse Show
69 Chess
93 For the Record
94 19th Hole

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Cover photographs by Walter Iooss Jr. and James F. Flores















Next week

Surprise rookie Jim Hart of the St. Louis Cardinals has ripened years ahead of time. Mark Mulvoy tells about the quarterback who does things with a difference—and wins.

Finally fighting, Dick Tiger, fresh from war-torn Nigeria, and patient Roger Rouse meet for the light heavyweight title. Gilbert Rogin reports on the bout that almost never was.

Giggles and tears are a routine part of training on a girls' track team, as Bil Gilbert discovered when he volunteered to coach a group of moppets from his home town.