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12 A Romp for the Pack
Green Bay has too many weapons and too much experience for Oakland, which must rely on defense alone

16 Old Harvard Earns a Bluenose
In icy Nova Scotia, Harvard wins the last of college basketball's holiday tournaments

18 The Running of the Green
Ron Delany, Ireland's Olympic 1,500-meter champion of 1956, recalls his lively career. First of three parts

Paradise on a Precipice

24 Erwin Christian is a perfect guide to far-out Bora-Bora
32 This unspoiled island is backdrop for farther-out swimwear

40 Fierce Holy War in a Violent City
In Glasgow a meeting of Celtic and Rangers soccer teams always inspires their partisans to battle

46 Smasher in San Francisco
An elite field of sprinters hurtled across the finish line of the 60-yard dash and into a sickening pileup

50 Kind and Canny Canines
Albert Payson Terhune gave souls to collies and hours of pleasure to his readers of a few decades ago

The departments

9 Scorecard
44 People
46 Track & Field
48 Golf
59 For the Record
60 Basketball's Week
62 19th Hole

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Next week

The ultimate game that settles for another year the supremacy of pro football is set for Miami. Tex Maule and Edwin Shrake are there to record the why and how of victory.

Five million dollars in prize money awaits the pros as they begin the richest golf tour in history this week at the Crosby, where top players pair off with amateur celebrities.

THE X KILO CLUB—a select group of fishermen headed by Pete Kriendler of "21"—journeys to Norway in search of salmon. Edwin Shrake reports how it is to go fishing in style.