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14 Green Bay Makes It Look Easy
Methodical and businesslike, the Packers dominated Oakland and won handily despite their own mistakes

20 Wide-open Way to Grenoble
The Swiss, the Austrians, and rain and snow have united to threaten the ski invincibility of France

22 Unlikely Heroes in Pale Blue
Columbia's intellectuals find themselves cheering a basketball team that has won national recognition

24 Johnny Bags a Winner's Pott
At the Crosby pro-am Arnie was overweight and Jack was putting badly, but for the victor everything was perfect

28 Squash Balls That Go Poof
One of the country's largest manufacturers finds his product—and his world—coming apart

33 The Making of a Miler
Part 2 of Ron Delany's story: the moves that led to his eventual triumph in the Olympic 1,500-meter run

42 Eddie Is the Mogul
That's what they call Eddie Gottlieb, the big man in Philadelphia sports who also gives away chocolate bars

56 Six Men in Quest of a Fish
The X Kilo Club, presided over by Pete Kriendler of "21," is born on a salmon safari to Norway

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11 Scorecard
46 People
48 Diving
52 Hockey
54 Bridge
71 For the Record
72 Basketball's Week
74 19th Hole

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Next week

Super game succeeds Super Bowl as two unbeaten, top-ranked basketball teams, UCLA and Houston, meet in the Astrodome, a rematch of last season's NCAA game.

Computer football is at hand, but the games will still be fought on the field. Tex Maule explains how the magic boxes help winnow pro draft choices and may guide play selection.

The mouth of the south is Bill Currie, whose drawl inundates Carolina as he broadcasts basketball games, during which he quotes Milton, tells jokes and—maybe—the score.