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16 Dear Pete
Unless you act now, says Tex Maule to Commissioner Pete Rozelle, pro football is in danger of becoming a bore

20 Track Has a High Old Weekend
Bob Seagren's world-record pole vault was only one of several surprises in a cluster of five major meets

22 The Pied Piper from Pasadena
Jerry Tarkanian has won four straight titles with the basketball talent he draws to his junior college

The Winter Olympics

24 The U.S. ski team has an uphill fight on its hands
28 Of the other Americans, the skaters are strongest
32 The venues stretch across three mountain ranges
34 Killy and four girls will save the day for France
38 For the Austrian two-man bobbers, waist makes haste
40 Russia is once again unstoppable in ice hockey
43 Norway will run and jump away with the Nordic events
48 Speed skaters will put a stopper in Holland's gold drain

54 Open Mind About Open Tennis
Robert Kelleher, USLTA president, has been urging that staid group to permit U.S. players to go to Wimbledon

60 He's a Bird, He's a Plane
Evel Knievel says he is no daredevil, but he plans to jump the Grand Canyon on a motorcycle

The departments

9 Scorecard
52 People
54 Tennis
56 Golf
58 Bridge
73 For the Record
74 Basketball's Week
76 19th Hole

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