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12 Now Tennis Goes Mod
With players wearing bright-colored shirts and go-go girls dancing on court, the newest pro tour gets under way

16 A Brand New Jerry Quarry
The Californian showed stamina and a newly acquired jab and won as he pleased from bumbling Thad Spencer

20 The B-Blast Rocks New Mexico
That's B for Basketball, and the whole state is in happy hysteria over the teams at Albuquerque and Las Cruces

26 One Skate in Valhalla
Bobby Hull, hockey's most exciting player—the only peer of Howe and Richard—may soon quit the game

38 As Sempé Sees the Olympics
The witty, incisive pen of a French cartoonist explores Alpine ski racing at Grenoble

44 Golf Is a Game of Hope
No matter where he happens to be, Bob Hope always has a driver in his hands and a line to the nearest tee

54 Sea Change for a Celebrated Dish
The young owners of the ketch "Eudroma" spear their own fish for a creole bouillabaisse on a Caribbean beach

60 Old Lion in a New Land
Famed white hunter Harry Selby helps SI's John Underwood shoot the tail off an impala in Botswana

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