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British Actress Hayley Mills was off making a film when her three-year-old greyhound bitch, a two-to-one favorite, came in first at Hendon, Middlesex, but Hayley's father, mother and sister were on hand (below) to assure Quarrymount Star that she was indeed a good dog. Perhaps appreciating being appreciated, the bitch obligingly did it again four days later. Obviously Hayley made the right decision when she determined last year to Go Greyhound and bought Quarrymount Star from Hackney and Hendon Stadiums Ltd.

Carel Stith, the Houston Oiler offensive tackle, and Bob Hohn, defensive back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, are twain who can be said to have finally met in the hot stove league. Stith was visiting his wife's home town of Beatrice, Neb., where he became involved in a cake-baking contest, as was Hohn, a Beatrice policeman during the off season. The contest is a yearly event in which males of the southeast Nebraska community may participate, baking cakes to be auctioned off and, who knows, maybe even eaten, to raise money for the March of Dimes. Hohn's contribution was a three-layer chocolate cake. Stith's was a two-layer sour-cream chocolate job prettily topped with an oil derrick. On the whole, Steeler Hohn seemed to enter the fray with more confidence—I don't think Mr. Stith had ever held a mixing spoon before," one of the presiding ladies said compassionately—and the confidence proved justified when his cake sold for $40 and Stith's for only $25. However, both pro football players finished a long way behind the superintendent of the Beatrice school system, a gentleman whose cake went for $678.60 because Beatrice school children pooled their pennies to buy it. The Steelers and the Oilers didn't come across with a nickel for their teammates' entries.

The leaseholder of a bar in Sunnyvale, Calif. is suing the persons to whom he leased it. The defendants are said to have employed topless dancers, contrary to the agreement under which the premises were rented to them, and the suit alleges that they, the defendants, "employed and engaged voluptuous women who, from the waist up, are unclothed, unrestrained, unencumbered, unsupported, unashamed, unbosomed, unbridled and undaunted..." and lots more. It is easy to understand why the plaintiff is distressed—he is football's own Mr. Clean, Y. A. Tittle. It is less easy to understand what "unbosomed" is doing in the charge against the defendants.

Dr. Erich Segal teaches Greek tragedy, Latin poetry and comparative literature at Yale, co-wrote the script for the Beatles' film Yellow Submarine, has two Broadway shows opening and is the choice of a French composer for a show in Paris. The 30-year-old professor has two books being published—on Euripides and Plautus—is at work on a third and commutes to Amsterdam to coach Dutch Entertainer Toon Hermans for a possible future debut on the American stage. Running is Dr. Segal's usual exercise and, luckily, he runs pretty fast. Give him three hours and he can knock off the 26-plus miles of the classic marathon. Obviously, he has no time to waste.

Eddie Arcaro was recently taken down a peg, which is a little tough for a man who is only 5'2" to begin with, but he handled it well. Arcaro was lunching with Sam Renick in a New York restaurant when the headwaiter came by their table to report that a cute little blonde in a mini-mini skirt had asked, "Who are those two short, interesting-looking men?" "Retired jockey Sam Renick," the headwaiter told her, "and Eddie Arcaro, the greatest jockey in America." The blonde said, "The greatest disc jockey?" Arcaro laughed and observed, "See how quickly they forget?" Don't be silly, Eddie. That blonde never knew in the first place.

At one time the followers of South Africa's Prime Minister Balthazar Johannes Vorster (above, with Gary Player) considered surprising him with a nine-hole golf course for his holiday retreat on the Cape coast, but it is a little difficult to build a golf course as a surprise, and the idea was abandoned. However, the Prime Minister, an enthusiastic golfer with a handicap of 12, manages to make do with the courses in Pretoria, Cape Town and Johannesburg, where he plays, for choice, in his crocodile shoes and against his particular hero, Gary Player. It is said that Vorster plays without much style but is good natured on the links. You couldn't prove the latter by our photograph.

"On the whole, I don't believe people really realize that I do fly," Britain's Prince Philip said in a recent interview. He went on to observe rather gloomily, "I think there is a sort of residual attitude amongst people who don't fly that anybody with a title is much too stupid to do anything like that, and therefore they think that this is a great publicity gimmick...if you look at any reports it usually says something, in a rather patronising way—'His Royal Highness was allowed to take the controls for part of the flight.' " That must certainly be irritating for an experienced pilot with several transatlantic flights to his credit.