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Bruce La Budde, a distance runner from Georgia State College in Atlanta, won the 26-mile Atlanta Marathon in 2:26.02 for his fifth victory in five southeast marathons (luring the past two years. In four of the events Bruce set course records.

Mrs. Sylvia Campbell of Las Vegas, a mother of three boys, won the Mint Hotel Handicap in the 21st annual midwinter trap-shooting tournament there, hitting 93 of 100 targets. The victory, over 21 other women, was Mrs. Campbell's first big one.

Jeff Smith, a heavyweight wrestler from Michigan State, upped his record to 16-1 when he pinned rival Michigan's two-time Big Ten champ Dave Porter in a dual meet in East Lansing. It was the first time Porter had been pinned in his high school or college career.

Sally Smith, 17 and a senior, scored 1,061 points for a 46.1 average when she led her Waverly (Tenn.) high school basketball team to a 23-0 record. Sally's 3-year career total, after playing guard as a freshman, was 3,334, while her year's high was 61 points.

Jim Barfett, an Ohio University junior from a Toronto suburb who leads the Bobcats hockey team in scoring with 34 goals and 26 assists in 22 games, scored seven goals in a 14-6 win over Western Michigan. Among Barfett's notable feats were six hat tricks.

Cody Walters, a sophomore from Yorba Linda, Calif., celebrated his 16th birthday by soloing 25 different varieties of single-engine aircraft to set an unofficial new world record. Cody, coached by his pilot-instructor father, began taking flying lessons at 14.