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20 It Was a Bitter Pill
The pill was Butazolidin and it had been given to the Derby winner. The question was when

26 Turbines and Trauma at Indy
As practice quickened for the 500, turbine cars were quickest, but there was death and disorder, too

28 Last Bastion of Elegance
Three old and conservative Long Island golf courses seek to maintain the noble traditions of the game

40 Dick Tiger Fights Two Wars
Taking leave of Biafra's battle for independence, the champion prepares to meet Bob Foster

46 Score One for Today's Students
The campus attitude toward sports isn't what it used to be, and thank goodness, says a university professor

76 Tears for Toe, Wine for Gump
As Montreal finally suppressed St. Louis to take the Stanley Cup, the coach quit and the goalie reveled

78 Sunday Sin on the River Usk
On a day when most Welshmen are in church, Siôn Jones, an impious salmon poacher, goes about his work

The departments

13 Scorecard
62 People
64 Rugby
68 Bridge
71 Track & Field
74 Golf
76 Hockey
97 Baseball's Week
98 For the Record
99 19th Hole

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Next week

Brash and Bumptious, the Cincinnati Reds' hustling Pete Rose is a throwback to the oldtime ballplayer. William Leggett, after a week with Rose, tells what makes Pete run.

The masters argument continues as the new champion, Bob Goalby, finds himself forced to defend his right to the title while trying to point out he is no fresh discovery.

Indy in Ferment stages its critical first week of qualifying trials for the 500. Bob Ottum reports the action, and the color camera focuses on the leading drivers and their cars.