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18 The Dancer Plot Thickens
Dancer's Image is disqualified in the Preakness as open hearings are planned to solve the Derby drugging case

22 Pro Football Faces a Delay of Game
Unless the NFL owners agree to meet the demands of the players for higher benefits, there may be a strike

The Indy Season Warms Up

24 Turbine cars qualify fastest for the big auto race
26 The color camera focuses on the 500's top drivers

32 Charlie Hustle's Bargain Offer
Pete Rose of Cincinnati is a moving ballplayer, and what he is moving toward is a $100,000 season—with 200 hits

42 The New Life of Bob Goalby
Since his controversial victory at Augusta, the Masters champion is forced to prove he is no fresh discovery

67 Won't Somebody Buy a Yacht?
The Coast Guard Academy is trying to sell off some old yachts so it can buy and care for some new ones

72 They Cheer When the Parson Pitches
As a preacher of fitness, goodness, godliness and Wheaties, nobody can top the Rev. Richards

The departments

7 Scorecard
56 People
59 Lacrosse
67 Boating
89 Baseball's Week
90 For the Record
91 19th Hole

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Next week

Boomerang trades are the bane of baseball. This year, the come-back-to-haunt-yous are especially rife. William Leggett looks into the very best and very worst of them.

New Belmont Opens after a five-year, $30 million refurbishing, and racing's elite and its regulars once again enjoy the sport at one of the most beautiful of U.S. tracks.

Banned again from the Olympics, South Africa protested bitterly. Tex Maule flew there from the hearing in Lausanne and reports in detail on what he saw and learned.