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28 The Giants Find It Tough
A rhubarb and a record were only part of the story as San Francisco and St. Louis traded first place

32 Upstaged by Upstart Johnny
Favored to win the last race in the Triple Crown, Forward Pass was beaten by inexperienced Stage Door Johnny

34 Rude Setback for the Jet Age
Again a turbine racer failed in the Indianapolis 500 with victory only a few miles away

40 Just One Truth for Me
Alarmed by his experiences as a TV commentator here, a famed British soccer star sounds a warning for all sport

The U.S. Open: a Battle at Oak Hill

50 Dan Jenkins takes a look at the wacky side of any Open
54 Artist Mike Ramus shows that galleries can be funny
59 Champion Jack Nicklaus analyzes Oak Hill's key holes

65 Killproof and Maybe Spillproof
A new hydroplane specially designed to combine speed and safety makes its debut

82 Hitting Was My Life
Beginning his own story, Ted Williams tells of the hard days in San Diego and his pro debut as a brash rookie

The departments

15 Scorecard
62 People
65 Boating
70 Sporting Look
72 Tennis
79 Bridge
107 Baseball's Week
108 For the Record
109 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by James Drake

Model by Asdur Takakjian















Next week

A hitting famine has swept the big leagues—and with it a plague of theories explaining why. William Leggett examines a few of them and then tells what is really happening.

A carefree Texan named Lee Trevino, who finished fifth in last year's Open, is the sort of guy who will win a $100 bet putting with a Dr. Pepper bottle, then blow it all at poker.

MEXICO CITY BY CAR? A lot of Americans will try it in this Olympic year. Jack Olsen offers a stimulating report on what is likely to befall them as they move—slowly—south.