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12 The Black Athlete—A Shameful Story
Sport believes it has done much to advance the Negro's cause. But has it? Part 1 of a shocking series

28 Detroit Is Having That Dream Again
The city that cares—and cares and cares—may get an overdue reward in the 1968 drive for the pennant

30 The Derby Drugging Mystery
As legal maneuvers delay open hearings indefinitely, a bizarre aspect of the case is revealed

32 Some Old Boys Make a Stand
Heroes of past Olympics tried, with mixed success, to relive old triumphs at the AAU championships

34 Winning a Varsity Letter Out West
The Rose Bowl of rodeo brings together top college cow pokes in a wild riding and roping extravaganza

40 Ted Williams' Story: Part 4
The end of a brilliant career. Complicated by war, it finished on a note of fantastic triumph

54 The Bottle and the Babe
An eccentric doctor, who isn't above hitting a blonde, is making unique contributions to sport

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9 Scorecard
48 Golf
51 Bridge
67 Baseball's Week
68 For the Record
69 19th Hole

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WILLIAMS ON HITTING. Forget the excuses. There is a way to bat. In pictures and words, Boston's great slugger shows how in the concluding installment of his life in baseball.

The Olympic trials in Los Angeles will be the penultimate test for the track and field athletes who hope to represent the U.S. in Mexico City this fall. John Underwood reports.

Houseboating may seem like a stodgy sport to some, but not to the intrepid souls who joined Bob Ottum to sail the tropic seas in the houseboat called Rufus Parnelli.