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12 Encore, Roquépine!
Supposedly bothered by a bad leg, France's great mare trolled to another victory in the Roosevelt International

16 Four Inches Closer to Mexico
After years of trying Harvard came from behind to beat Penn by that scant margin and win an Olympic berth

20 A Sweet Win on a Sour Links
Gary Player turned out to be the least frightened when fabled Carnoustie terrorized the British Open field

22 A Summer Hike to Share
A father and son find a new relationship on their tramps over the Green Mountain Range of Vermont

28 Part 4: The Black Athlete
The world of professional sport pretends it isn't so, hut its Negroes are still in the back of the bus

42 The Best in Any Tank, by George
By Coach George Haines, that is, whose Santa Clara team alone could probably win the Olympics for the U.S.

56 Our Rightful Place in the Sun
With the help of Frank Deford, Commissioner Ford Frump of the NFCL tells haw he expanded and made millions

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9 Scorecard
46 People
51 Baseball
54 Pro Football
69 Baseball's Week
70 For the Record
71 19th Hole

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Next week

Winningest pitcher Denny McLain is also one of baseball's most verbose heroes. He could win 30 games, and talk himself into all sorts of trouble. A report by Mark Mulvoy.

Rain in Spain was the general outlook when John Fulton arrived in that country to fight bulls. But the skies became brighter alter he took his alternativa in Seville.

An off-season social event in Palm Beach is covered by Artist Tom Allen and Writer Duncan Barnes, who join the Mullets and the Snooks in a big party for the Jetty Conchs.