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12 The Junkman Cools It
Old Julius Boros beat the heat and his juniors with his self-styled junky shots to win the PGA Championship

16 Masterful Meeting of Two-score Men
The over-40 set had its own private track and field meet in San Diego, complete with bald heads and kids

20 Part 5: The Black Athlete
In the concluding article of the series, Jack Olsen tells the unhappy story of the football Cardinals

36 A Palm Beach Coming-out Party
It is a mad scene in Florida when voracious snook pursue spawning mullet and the Jetty Conchs pursue the snook

42 Dizzy Dream for Jet-set Denny
The Tigers' garrulous pitching ace, Dennis McLain, is traveling fast in his bid for 30 victories

46 Suckered by a Rabbit Punch
The Brooklyn Handicap proved that Dr. Fager had better stop chasing decoys and start hunting Damascus

50 Trials of a Yanqui Matador
John Fulton was caught on the horns of many a dilemma before realizing his dream of becoming a full matador

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9 Scorecard
46 Horse Racing
48 Sporting Look
60 For the Record
61 Baseball's Week
62 19th Hole

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Next week

The wonder horse of trotting and Hambletonian favorite is seemingly unbeatable Nevele Pride. Pat Putnam reports from trackside and the Catskill aerie of his owners.

Real swinging chicks are the young ladies who will take part in the U.S. Girls' Junior Golf title matches this month. Some of the best are shown in color by Walter Iooss Jr.

Bye-Bye Bear is the theme of certain groups that feel the polar bear faces imminent extinction. Virginia Kraft spent several weeks in the Arctic to find out if the alarm is warranted.