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12 Armageddon for a Pennant Race
The Orioles were closing in till Detroit came to town and turned the American League into a cake walk again

16 'Maybe Just a Little Mean'
The Hambletonian trotter Nevele Pride bites off records and epidermis with equal enthusiasm

20 A Place in the Big-city Sun
Each summer pro basketball players are taught new lessons on the playgrounds by unknown neighborhood stars

24 Fresh as a Daisy and Ready to Swing
The new crop of pretty girl golfers is getting ready for next week's Junior Championship at Flint, Mich.

32 Bonanza for a Big Dreamer
Stock-car racer Cale Yarborough, to whom glory is only a thought away, is at the head of the parade

36 Life Is Not a Bowl of Cherries
As one of bowling's new superstars, Dave Davis has a lot of money and one big regret: "Nobody knows who I am"

56 A Search for Some Bear Facts
There are cries that polar bears are being hunted to extinction. Let the tears stop until the facts are in

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7 Scorecard
45 Tennis
48 Golf
50 Pro Football
54 Bridge
65 Baseball's Week
66 For the Record
67 19th Hole

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Next week

Footballs old pro, Paul Brown, assembles a band of rookies in Cincinnati (o resume his gridiron war. Tex Maule covers the first real test of the new AFL Bengals.

Tuna in August is old news, but there is a new place—Conception Bay in Newfoundland where the cliffs come down to the deep waters and the bluefins wait to grab the baits.

A chill wind from the Northeast sets the tone for the story of a sailboat race in which Author Joan Gould reveals some subtle truths about the savage sport of yacht racing.