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14 A Home Without a Dome
If promise of a domed stadium is not forthcoming, Montreal may lose its major league baseball franchise

18 The Only Year of Their Lives
The competitive life span of a girl swimmer is so brief that her frantic battle in an Olympic year starts early

22 The Loner Leads the Charge
Lee Roy Yarbrough is "real mean out on the track," but he proved that an outsider can win in the Piedmont

24 Paul Gets a Rude Welcome Back
After an absence of five years, Paul Brown returns to pro football and sees his Cincinnati team get walloped

30 Bluefins in a Canyon
Newfoundland is an unexploited fishing ground where the big tuna swarm in late summer

34 Soft Skins for Cyclists
Men's leather clothing, as new as Harley-Davidson's 1969 bikes, is revving up as fall's favorite gear

38 The Two-man Union That Failed
Pro football's eloquent tackle, Ron Mix, recalls his own bargaining adventure and offers some advice

52 Wind from the Northeast
The clash of two generations and a near gale from the sea make for a stormy sailboat race

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50 Horse Show
63 Baseball's Week
64 For the Record
66 19th Hole

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Next week

Curt flood of the St. Louis Cardinals is the best hitter on a team so good that on the rare occasion when a player makes a mistake it is cause for a clubhouse party game.

The wind itself seems to belong to Paul Elvstrom, the redoubtable Danish sailor who can race a boat like no one else in the world. Coles Phinizy writes about this salty genius.

Setting records on the salt flats may be easy for some people; not for a marshmallow foot named Bob Ottum, who abandoned his typewriter to take the wheel of a Mustang.