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10 A Big Lift Toward the Title
Some 64,000 Los Angeles fans saw the Rams win a game that could mean more than the usual preseason victory

14 A Stride Down Comeback Trail
It wasn't his fastest mile by far, hut it was fast enough to convince Jim Ryun that he is back—and Mexico bound

16 Hard Ride Over a High Road
Warming up for the Olympic trials, the country's sturdiest cyclists headed into the high country of Colorado

18 Not Just a Flood, but a Deluge
The Cardinals' leading hitter, Curt Flood, is only one star on a team that is coasting to another pennant

22 A Courier's Quest
Some remarkable tricks of the color camera lay bare the true nature of the modern pentathlon

28 The Sailor Who Owns the Wind
Denmark's Paul Elvstrom has lost only four world-class races in his life. He isn't likely to lose any in Mexico

52 Old Marshmallow Foot
"You can do it, easy," Mickey Thompson promised, but he picked the wrong man to run for the speed records

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7 Scorecard
38 People
42 Hunting Dogs
44 Harness Racing
46 Golf
48 Horse Racing
61 Baseball's Week
62 For the Record
63 19th Hole

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Next week

Young pitchers throw hard and rule baseball, but many of them have faded back to the minors with sore arms. Mark Mulvoy visits with a few of yesterday's young heroes.

Forest hills is ready for its first Open tournament but the way Rod Laver is dominating tennis he may breeze to the title and later to recognition as the best player of all time.

A birdy safari was not the plan, but when peripatetic Angler Clive Gammon fell among African ornithologists in Zululand he virtually had to fight his way to the Indian Ocean.