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14 Julie Bags a Bundle
With a 12-foot birdie putt on the last hole, Julie Boros wins the Westchester Classic and picks up a cool $50,000

18 Sore Spots in a Big-Arm Year
Behind all those wondrous reports of shutout games are the sad stories of young pitchers who threw their arms away

20 Jet-Age Slow Brummell
Joe Namath isn't exactly on strike—he's just taking his time—but he's still ahead of the field in his new furs

22 Open Season for a Test of Time
Rod Laver so dominates the tennis field that he soon may have no competition but the memory of immortals

30 Would You Trade With This Man?
Frank Lane, the biggest wheeler-dealer baseball ever knew, is still a charismatic figure, even as a scout

36 Olympic Prep on the Peaks
Getting up for Mexico, Europe's top athletes find a high-altitude hideaway on the rooftop of France

58 Birdy Days on a Fishing Safari
The tourist office made an error—and a fishing safari in South Africa turned out to be for the birds

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9 Scorecard
43 People
44 Sailing
48 Bridge
53 Tennis
73 Baseball's Week
74 For the Record
75 19th Hole

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Next week

Revenge is what the Dallas Cowboys want as they take on the Green Bay Packers, who have twice edged them for the NFL title. It may be an exhibition game, but it's also a war.

"On, dancer; on, Pride" will be the cry of those rooting for the favorite as Stanley Dancer and Nevele Pride go for trotting's most important prize—The Hambletonian.

The Hawk is a swinger, no matter how you view him—at bat in Fenway Park or on the town in his Nehru jacket. William Leggett reports on Ken Harrelson, Boston's new rave.