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20 The Teen Angel Wins
The new idol of anti-Establishment golfers is 19-year-old Bruce Fleisher, who last week won the National Amateur

24 These Men for Sale
The big-league teams don't want to say so, but here are the well-known players who will go in the new expansion

26 Battle of the Surfside Sixes
A traditional part of the scene on California beaches is fast-paced volleyball

College Football 1968

28 Traditional rivalries: the special spice of a rare season
42 The game's Top 20, and why they deserve their ratings
76 Conference assessments, including both haves and have-nots
83 Vanishing Wistaria, and other small-college facts of life
86 Some sophomores who may find a sudden claim to fame

90 Olympians You Never Hear Of
American canoeists heading for Mexico City are topflight athletes who have few worries about autograph hounds

94 A Stock Market Plunge
The riding stock is the latest item borrowed from horseman's attire to make the fashion scene

104 Pursuit of a Big Blue Chipper
The complexities and inanities of football recruiting, as observed in the case of an Abilene quarterback

The departments

13 Scorecard
88 People
90 Canoeing
94 Sporting Look
96 Bridge
98 Motor Sports
125 Baseball's Week
126 For the Record
127 19th Hole

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Next week

Pro Football moves into high gear as the AFL opens its schedule this week, the NFL next. Can Green Bay make it four NFL championships in a row? Is there any team to challenge Oakland's dominance of the AFL? Complete scouting reports by Tex Maule and Edwin Shrake, with predictions of all the division winners, will answer these and other questions. Also: action color photographs of the top stars, plus a revealing look at Don Meredith, the colorful Dallas Cowboy quarterback. And, of course, the usual news and feature stories.