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Ricky McCormick, 16, of Independence, Mo., who holds the record for most trick points scored in a water-skiing meet (5,046.6), won the national trick championship in Canton, Ohio, beating Masters titlist Frankie Dees by one point.

Jean Harris, bowling in The Washington Daily News and Coca-Cola 30-Game Elimination Duckpin Classic, broke world records after 15, 20, 25 and 30 games in the qualifying rounds. Warmed-up, she then defeated a two-time winner by 34 pins in the match-game final.

Lee Crouch, a determined 12-year-old who was sixth in the 1967 International Skylark Regatta, won the title at Wrightsville Beach, N.C. A member of the Carolina Yacht Club, he defeated 18 other skippers—most of them full grown—during the three-day regatta.

Branch R. Lew, 11 defeated 242 challengers to win the 31st All-American Soap Box Derby. Lew, a straight-A sixth-grade student who built his own racer, beat his older brother in a qualifying race before taking the championship and the $7,500 first-prize scholarship.

Davis Hart, swimming against two-and-a-half foot waves, cut the record time for the 10-mile Lake Sunapee (N.H.) marathon almost in half. Hart, from the Pine Knoll Swim School, Springfield, Mass., finished in 3:38, breaking the old mark of 6:12.

Dennis Hurley, 16-year-old golf sensation and 1962 national Pee Wee Golf champion, won both the Cincinnati Junior Metropolitan and Men's Metropolitan titles. In the men's championship he shot 290 to tie after 72 holes and then won a sudden-death playoff.