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Sportswear takes a plunge in the stock market

Every fall sportswear borrows some fashion from the rich realm of classic riding attire. Last year it was harness hardware. Before that it was the hard hat and the riding raincoat. This season it's the looped-over neckpiece called a stock. The riding stock worn by Marvin Van Rapoport, saddling up his champion gelding Spindletop Please Note (right), has been part of a huntsman's kit since the 18th century. It not only dresses up the neck of a man in hunting pinks but is meant to double as a bandage in case of an accident—to man or horse—in the field.

Fashion's fling with the stock is much less pragmatic. Versions in gingham or cashmere, ruffled or plain, as shown here at All-Around Farms, Gwynedd Valley, Pa., replace the turtleneck as the thing to wear now with suits, slacks or skirts and particularly under a vest.

Allison Atwood (left) wears a stock-tied cashmere sweater by Hadley with her tweed hacking jacket. The silk twill stock shirt she wears above is by Sarff-Zumpano and the pinstriped cotton shirt below is from Gant for Women.

Pamela Moe, with Marvin Van Rapoport (right), wears a silk stock, brocade vest and velvet suit by Bill Blass for Maurice Rentner. Her satin shirt and corduroy vest (above) and Paisley shirt (below) are from Nan Herzlinger.