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14 A Rouser on a Rug
The turf was artificial but the excitement was certainly real when Tennessee stole a last-gasp tie from Georgia

18 Triumph and Tragedy at Tahoe
The high-altitude Olympic Trials brought grief to a few old heroes and exhilarating success to some new ones

22 A Rare 30 for Show Biz Denny
Surrounded by celebrities, Detroit's Denny McLain managed to have his fun and pitch his 30th win, too

26 Hashup and Hashish in Sweden
Jimmy Ellis lost in his fight for public acceptance and Floyd Patterson saw a fine effort wasted

28 Hedonist Prophet of the Spartan Game
Laker Coach Butch van Breda Kolff likes the easy life except when it comes to basketball—where he is a terror

62 Man! What a Drag!
When Artist Arnold Roth goes drag racing he sees a lot more than meets the naked eye

76 The Reel Life of Bobby Jones
Some of Hollywood's most memorable names served as bit players in the greatest of all golf instructional films

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11 Scorecard
70 Horse Racing
72 Pro Football
91 For the Record
92 Baseball's Week
94 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Herb Scharfman

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Next week

The problem Olympics of 1968 are examined in a preview that includes color photographs of both U.S. and foreign athletes and a report on Kenya's troubled runners.

A classic series is in the offing as St. Louis and Detroit prepare to meet each other. William Leggett previews the showdown that could be baseball's most exciting in years.

A new Johnny Unitas may emerge from the group of quarterbacks who are under 30 and still learning. Tex Maule analyzes the skills and potential of these young generals.