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26 The Tigers Saw Red
Cardinal color was everywhere—on the bases, at bat, on the mound, even in the rain that chilled Detroit hopes

34 Winning with a Loser's Look
The New York Jets beat the San Diego Chargers, but they needed a most fortunate call from the referee to do it

36 Grim Countdown to the Games
Olympic athletes arrive in a Mexico City of contrasts: physical beauty and the presence of tragic disorders

44 The Face-off That Never Was
Miami's Mad Stork was grounded as O. J. Simpson and USC turned a confrontation into a rout

Hockey 1968

51 With expansion a bold success, the boom goes on and up
54 Scouting reports assess the merits of the 12 NHL teams

62 A High New Fling for Tartans
The old Highland clan patterns are bursting forth this fall in a variety of sport and casual clothes

88 Excuse Me, Mr. Palmer, Sir
Overcoming a certain reticence, George Plimpton quizzes Palmer and Nicklaus and offers some surprising insights

The departments

14 Scorecard
67 College Football
75 People
76 Basketball
78 Horse Racing
80 Motor Sports
82 Pool
87 Pro Football
109 For the Record
110 19th Hole

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Next week

Trouble in court—the basketball court, that is, is brewing as the pros begin a new season. But Frank Deford suggests a way out in a preview, with analyses of all the teams.

A new power in Midwest football, high-scoring Kansas, has lost its image as a Big Eight patsy and may be one of the nation's best teams. A big test will be provided by Nebraska.

A betrayed shrine of American folklore is the "old swimmin'-hole," celebrated in verse by James Whitcomb Riley. It is polluted and posted, Bil Gilbert reports from Indiana.