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The gallant tartans of Scotland have invaded new territory. In Nova Scotia, where everybody is a Mackintosh, a Macdoug all or a Macsomebody, they are worn with a nationalistic fervor that reaches its peak at the Antigonish Highland Games. But as U.S. visitors to Antigonish have discovered, you do not have to be kilted or even a Scot to wear a tartan. What makes tartans doubly noticeable is that they are being worn by both men and women. Men's jackets and slacks, shirts and ties, women's suits and capes and evening clothes—all from the new lines of U.S. manufacturers—are so emblazoned with the bright plaid that many a gathering across the land this fall will look like a clannish affair.

Visitors to the Antigonish Games are as colorful as the kilted locals. Nerida Piggin wears a wool plaid-and-leather dress and weskit by Pauline Trigère (Bonwit Teller, New York). Her shoes are from Latinas. Bill Kelly sports Red Leslie tartan slacks and a belted jersey shirt by Bill Blass for PBM (Bullock's Wilshire, Los Angeles, Palm Springs).

A foursome in tartans makes a golf match as colorful as the Antigonish Games parade. The slacks (from left) are by Moyer (Hanny's, Phoenix), Branford (Bloomingdale's, New York) and Corbin (Sims, Ltd., Minneapolis).

Nerida Piggin, with members of a Royal Canadian Legion band, wears a multicolored tartan scarf, socks and kilt with a navy jacket by Bill Blass for Maurice Rentner (Saks Fifth Ave., New York). Her lynx bag is by Greta.

Sonja Bakker and Fred Weber parade through a Nova Scotia field. She wears a plaid cape with a red vest, navy pants and crepe shirt by Don Simo-nelli for Modelia (I. Magnin, San Francisco). Weber's suit is of bold Dress MacRae of Conchra tartan. The shy can buy the jacket or slacks alone. They are by F. Schoeneman (Marshall Field, Chicago).

Billy Sutherland, a member of the Dartmouth Nova Scotia Boys Pipe and Drum Band, gives Bill Kelly a lesson in piping. Kelly's sport jacket, a tartan of the Hay clan, is made by Hart Schaffner & Marx (Wallach's, New York). A yellow shirt (Gant), a wide Shetland tie (Resilio) and twill slacks (Pendleton) pick up the Highland colors of the jacket.