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Mexico '68: End in Triumph

20 Led by Debbie Meyer, U.S. swimmers captured most of the gold as the XIX Games were completed
92 A chart of the first three finishers in each event, the records set and the medals earned by each nation

28 Round One to Baltimore
In the first of two encounters that may well decide the Coastal Division title, the Colts crushed Los Angeles

30 The Doctor Works His Magic
Slick Earl Monroe was pro basketball's Rookie of the Year. Now he is challenging as the game's best backcourt man

34 Beards Were Cooled, Bears Were Hot
Protesters lost their game but the football team was a smashing winner in a week of upsets at Cal

36 The Stuff of Dreams
George Plimpton, hearing of a golfer stranded in a small town, has fanciful thoughts about what happened next

70 Hot New Stick in Chicago
The Black Hawks love a goal scorer, and they have one in Jim Pappin, refugee from Toronto

78 When Man Plays God
The efforts by a naturalist to save a little-known bird raise broader questions of salvation and survival

The departments

9 Scorecard
58 College Football
67 People
68 Motor Sports
70 Hockey
74 Pro Football
99 For the Record
100 19th Hole

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