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Joanna Blackman, of Kendall, Fla., a tennis player for only three years, won the junior veterans women's singles in the Cape Coral Invitational tournament. She is ranked No. 10 in the junior veteran age classification by the Florida Lawn Tennis Association.

Eddie Byrge, senior halfback for Huntsville (Tenn.) High School, scored 76 points for a state record in a 102-13 victory. He had 11 touchdowns and 10 extra points, and rushed for 430 yards in 24 tries. Byrge hasn't gained less than 148 yards in any game this year.

Beverly Ortner, 30, of Galva, Iowa, with a three-game total of 818, is the first woman to roll an 800 series approved by the Woman's International Bowling Congress. It was her third WIBC record. Miss Ortner bowls on the only women's team in a 16-team league.

Bill Doezema, 30, a social worker from Grand Rapids, Mich., shot a double eagle on the 530-yard, par 5 16th hole at the Palmer Park course—the culmination of 16 years of golf for Doezema, who usually scores in the high 70s. Ironically, on this day he shot an 80.

Karen Class, 11, of Fallston, Md., led a field of 20 in the novice class at the National Jousting Championships in Washington, D.C. Though the youngest in her class, she has been riding nine years and jousting five, and has won 17 trophies in this knightly sport.

Chris Haines, 17, of College, Alaska, broke by more than 40 minutes the record he set last year in the boys' division of the University of Alaska's sixth annual Equinox Marathon. Haines finished second in the overall field, covering the 26-mile, 385-yard trail in 3:18:18.