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18 Those Uppity Blues
Led by two vintage goalies, the St. Louis hockey team is proving that establishment teams can be taken

22 Elvin Gets a Big E for Effort
His coach wouldn't let Elvin Hayes go head to head with Wilt and Russell, but he wowed 'em anyway

24 Many Substitutes for Victory
There are so many injuries in pro football, the final winner is apt to be the team with the strongest reserves

30 Golf Tournament Italian Style
The World Cup was won in Rome by the Canadians, but America's Lee Trevino had a great week anyway

32 A Golden Age Comes to Athens
Its setting may be idyllic, but there is nothing pastoral about the way Ohio University plays football

36 Old Days and Changed Ways
Alex Hannum winds up the story of his life in pro basketball. Oakland, where he coaches, was never like Oshkosh

46 Waterfowl in the Mississippi Delta
"La terre tremblant," the trembling ground, affords hunters some of the best shooting in North America

74 You Will Play Ball, Soldier
Wellington said he won Waterloo on the playing fields, and Army officers still swear by that battle plan

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92 19th Hole

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College basketball begins, and it is a season for challenging. UCLA is favored to be the national champion again, but no team has ever won three NCAA titles in a row and the Uclans have their weaknesses. Some of the chief pretenders are shown in color in their native habitats and others are in scouting reports of the top 20 teams. There also will be reports on sectional leaders, small colleges (in particular, Kenyon) and the new trend back to an old art, ball handling. Plus the usual complement of news and features.