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22 The Subject Is Roses
Ohio State's frisky youngsters knock the bloom off Michigan and head for the Rose Bowl

26 Derby Drugging Case Drags On
The Kentucky racing commission hears arguments questioning the post-Derby tests on Dancer's Image

28 Sticks Down, Gloves Off, Play!
Hockey's Rangers and Bruins paused in their pursuit of front-running Montreal to renew their own war

32 Still Alive and Kicking
Los Angeles beat New York on a last-second field goal to remain in the Coastal Division race

College Basketball

34 Pictured in local color, challengers to UCLA's No. 1
41 Reports on the top 20 teams and the best of the rest
64 A look at small colleges and, smaller yet, Kenyon
68 Ball handling: renaissance in an almost lost art

84 A Yacht as Ruthless as Captain Bligh
It isn't the man who commands her, it's the backbreaking ketch Ondine herself that makes crews dream of mutiny

94 A Wee Heavy Orkney Odyssey
What do you do on a foggy day in Orkney? You sing whiskey-laced sad songs and pray the fog is lifting

The departments

15 Scorecard
75 College Football
82 Nature
84 Boating
90 Golf
111 For the Record
112 19th Hole

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Next week

Off to a royal start, Big O and the surprising C's are up therewith pro basketball's best. Frank Deford looks in on Robertson and that odd case, the shaky Cincinnati franchise.

Narrow escapes have become routine for USC, but the tightest squeeze of all may come when O. J. Simpson and the undefeated national champions encounter Notre Dame.

Sharks are swarming off Florida's Gold Coast, scaring swimmers out of the water and chambers of commerce out of their wits. Coles Phinizy examines the sticky situation.