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18 The Day They Tied up O.J.
A sophomore quarterback and a defense with an anti-Simpson plan enabled Notre Dame to jolt the Trojans

22 Gordie Goes for No. 700
On a goal-scoring streak, Detroit's ageless Gordie Howe closed in on one of sport's supreme records

24 Tea and Shiners in Glassboro
Women field hockey players sipped genteelly between rough-tough matches held to pick the national team

26 Serious Contenders for a Funny City
The Royals, all five of them, are battling to stay at the top, and absent Cincinnatians could hardly care less

32 A Champagne Party for Joe and Weeb
In a moment of sheer fantasy Edwin Shrake describes how Joe Namath and the New York Jets won the Super Bowl

40 Getting Navy's Goat
A stirring tale of poisonings, deceptions, calculations, virgins and unlucky mascots named King Puck

68 The Sharks Are Moving In
There is concern in Florida about the increasing shark population, but everyone is afraid to yell, "Shark!"

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13 Scorecard
52 College Football
56 People
58 Sporting Look
62 Bridge
65 Pro Football
89 For the Record
90 19th Hole

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The fading packers, now struggling for survival, meet the Baltimore Colts in what could well be a decisive game for both teams. Tex Maule describes Green Bay's last stand.

Notre Dame, dangerous with the best sophomores in the country, takes on Lew Alcindor and UCLA. Joe Jares reports on basketball's debut in the new arena at South Bend.

Australia's Rose, Lionel the aborigine, gets his first big purse to defend the bantamweight title against Chucho Castillo of Mexico. Martin Kane covers the L.A. right.