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20 Au Revoir, Packers!
By losing to Baltimore, Green Bay's chance for another championship died, but there's always next year

24 Court-Martial for a General
Baseball dumped its commissioner unceremoniously, then began the search for a man who could control it—a bit

26 Two Bantams Build a Classic
Champion Lionel Rose was the boxer, challenger Chucho Castillo was the slugger, and the match was a beauty

30 Sad Debut in a Stately Dome
Notre Dame, unveiling its new arena, hoped to upset UCLA. It succeeded for a half, then the roof fell in

36 Pro Football on a Shoestring
The Ohio Valley Ironmen of the Continental League are supported by a lot of affection and very little money

42 Passion in a Cold Climate
Bob Stanley ventures to a new frontier of art to convey his feelings about ice hockey

64 All a Commie Flop
Go skiing behind the Iron Curtain? Why not. There are mountains aplenty and snow galore, but....

The departments

15 Scorecard
48 People
51 Pro Basketball
54 Pro Football
58 Bridge
60 Harness Racing
81 Basketball's Week
82 For the Record
83 19th Hole

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Next week

The central division remains undecided with Chicago and Minnesota tied for the lead. Tex Maule covers the finish, then predicts which winner will be NFL champion.

The rose bowl will settle the national championship and other bowls will resolve matters of prestige. Scouting reports assess who will do what to whom in the annual games.

Sportsman of the year is our salute to the individual whose achievements stand out over all the others that have made the year 1968 so rich in athletic excellence.