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12 Whitewash in Kentucky
The main issue in the Derby scandal is ducked again. Elsewhere, a likely 1969 winner pops up and a lady debuts

16 The Big Leagues Select a Fan
Baseball finally named a commissioner and—surprise—this one, Bowie Kuhn, knows the game and likes it

18 A New Generation of Heroes
A group of brash kids to whom a $25,000 putt means nothing are making inroads on golf's established stars

22 On Top with No Place to Go
Tom Gola's La Salle Explorers are No. 1 in the East. They are also on probation and will miss the big tournaments

28 Snarling Tractors and No Tallyho
Fox hunting on snowmobiles may not be sporting, but a lot of people do it on a cold day in Minnesota

34 Les Girls in Des Moines
They play basketball, so prettily and with so much verve that, come tournament time, they outdraw the boys

40 A Stable Full of Dreams
These are the days when grooms look at the young trotters on Joe O'Brien's farm and see Hambletonian winners

58 Pretend He's Your Sister
A New Jersey surgeon caters to the needs of over privileged boys with a fist-flailing class in aggression

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