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Jackqueline Mross, a 10-year-old Brazilian, learned to swim a little more than a year ago, but has already broken 17 local age-group records in five strokes (sidestroke, too!), from the 50-meter freestyle on up to the 200-meter individual medley.

Rondo Fehlberg, a freshman wrestler at Brigham Young, pinned Oklahoma State's Doug Campbell in their 145-pound match, leading BYU to a 16-14 win. It was only the sixth time Oklahoma State had lost a dual meet—except to Oklahoma—since 1916.

Bert DeHate, junior co-captain of the University of Wisconsin hockey team, who was the national intercollegiate scoring champion last year with 77 points (47 goals), leads the country again with 34 goals and 24 assists. The Badgers are 21-8-2 this season.

Tom McMillen, a 6'11" junior at Mansfield (Pa.) High School, has averaged 39.4 points and 24 rebounds a game, and is hailed as one of the country's top prospects. Tom has scored 2,052 points and promises to surpass Ron Krick's state record of 3,174.

Robbie Lynn Beck, 13, of Murray, Utah, won a chance to ski in the senior Nationals at Bear Valley, Calif., mainly on the basis of a fifth in the Alta Snow Cup and a fourth in the Lowell Thomas Classic. She is one of the youngest girls ever to compete in the seniors.

Charles Bedford, a 12-year-old trombone-playing Boy Scout who works part-time to help pay his bowling fees, paced his Portland, Ore. junior traveling league—of which he is the youngest member—for two consecutive weeks with series of 605 and 618.